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Active Learning Classroom Tools

Project-based learning and problem-based learning are pedagogical trends are in service of creating richer and more hands-on, real-world experiences for students.

Active learning spaces were identified as a top strategic technology in EDUCAUSE’s 2017 survey of higher education information technology leaders.

Our active learning classrooms have various tools that help with active learning, including both handheld and movable whiteboards, modular tables, and throwable microphones. (Please note that not every active learning classroom has every tool available.)

Handheld whiteboards 

Smaller handheld whiteboards are available for problem solving or drawing diagrams at tables. Some modular tables are not directly near a wall whiteboard and students may choose to use these smaller whiteboards. 

Movable whiteboards 

Movable whiteboards are available for problem solving or drawing diagrams. They allow for all members of the group to see the problem together. These movable whiteboards are available where the wall whiteboards are not located directly near the modular table. 

Group Tables

Round tables, typically in 3 groups of 3, encourage student collaboration. Glass whiteboards are available for each group as they collaborate, problem solve, and present. These tables may have a power source for charging devices.

Throwable Microphones

The throwable microphone is a wireless device that allows students to be heard in larger active learning spaces.

Wireless Projection Systems

There is a wireless projection system that allows students the ability to project their presentation or document from their laptop or hand-held device.

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