Learning Technology Incubator (LTi) Grant Program

The Learning Technology Incubator (LTi) program promotes innovative projects that seek to solve common instructional challenges and show potential to improve teaching and learning broadly across the curriculum.

What kind of proposals are we looking for?

In the 2021-2022 LTi cycle, we invite proposals that engage and address the teaching and learning challenges of the post-pandemic return to Grounds, specifically:

  • Course design or re-design to maximize flexibility, resilience, inclusion, and/or equitable access to learning
  • Innovative applications of tools from the existing UVA Learning Technology ecosystem, to solve complex teaching and learning challenges
  • Exploration of emerging teaching and learning technologies that have potential for broad application

Proposals that demonstrate interdisciplinary collaboration and/or have the potential to scale up in future years are especially encouraged.

Interested? Contact to receive feedback on project ideas and proposal development.


Funding may be awarded to cover faculty summer wages, student wages, necessary tools and technology, and other miscellaneous items. Please note that this grant does not cover travel or conference attendance.

Call for Proposals
The deadline for 2021 has passed, but read more about the requirements.
Information for Funded Projects
Learn more about projects that have been awarded funding.
Previously Funded Projects
Read descriptions of projects that were funded in years past.