Media Production and Editing Spaces

Wilson 235 & 207, NCH 277
Our Media Production and Editing Spaces provide faculty, staff, and students with resources for creating media content.

Media and Production Studios are used for a wide variety of projects, including the creation of course lectures, presentations, informational videos, class video projects, podcasts, and course demonstrations. Users can utilize the production studios or check out equipment from the lab.  

All Experience Levels Encouraged 

Our Media and Production Studios maintain both entry-level and advanced media equipment and software. Our staff provides technical support and are available to answer questions and suggest the best solution for users’ needs. We encourage anyone who is interested in using audio or video in their class or professional development project to contact us and explore what our studios have to offer.  

Media Production Studio 

Wilson Hall 235 

A media production studio with video cameras, lights, and microphones. It is equipped with 2 cameras, microphones, interchangeable backdrops, four-point lighting, a news desk, tables, seating, and various production equipment.  

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Media Editing Lab 

Wilson Hall 207 

A media editing lab and equipment checkout. It contains eight 27" iMac computers installed with video and audio editing software. Users can also reserve media production equipment including cameras, microphones, tripods, and lights.  

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Podcast Studio

NCH 277 

An audio and lightweight video recording studio. Ideal for up to two people.

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Audio Studio

Wilson Hall 236

An audio recording and editing studio sized for a small group. 

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Jessica Weaver-Kenney headshot

Jessica Weaver-Kenney

Senior Instructional Technologist, Media Studio
Keith Samuels

Keith Samuels

Language Lab Coordinator
New Cabell Hall 299