Video Camera

Media Production and Editing Tools

Video and audio production equipment and editing software

Media Production Equipment 

Our equipment includes various cameras, microphones and audio recorders, tripods and other mounts, LED lights, and other accessories used with these devices. Some of this equipment is available while using the video production studio, while other equipment is available for check out.  

Media Editing Software 

Our editing lab computers have video editing software for both beginner and advanced users. We also have audio recording and editing software as well as screen recording software that can be used for recording remote interviews, presentations, or narration.  

Software specs: iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Audacity, Camtasia

How is video used in education? 

Video can be used as a medium for instruction, whether in the form of a lecture, demonstration, or to present precursory or supplemental information to students. It allows instructors to present information in segments that can be repeatedly viewed by students. Video also serves as a method for students to exhibit learned information.  

How is audio used in education?

Audio can take the form of podcasts, narration, or recorded lectures. While not as versatile as video, audio has the advantage of being a portable medium, allowing students to listen while at the gym, on walks, or in the car. 

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