Delivering Your Course

A core goal of A&S LDT is to support instructors in teaching engaging, effective courses taught on Grounds, online, and in hybrid instructional modes. You can learn more about the range of instructional modes at UVA. In times of disruption, the A&S LDT team provides direct support to instructors to make quick shifts to new modes of instruction.  

LDT also supports course delivery by facilitating faculty access to innovative learning spaces and technologies, including the Active Learning Classrooms (link to a forthcoming Active Learning page), Language Commons and Language Lab (link to language spaces page), STEM Commons, and Maker and Media studios (links to studios). We help instructors to explore these spaces and associated technologies, and to schedule course meetings in these spaces.

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Recording Class Sessions 

Recordings can help absent students to maintain a connection to course activities. Particularly in lecture-driven courses, recordings give all students opportunities to review concepts and return to difficult points in the lecture.   

Active Learning

Strategies promoting active learning are instructional activities involving students doing things and thinking about what they are doing. Use of these techniques in the classroom is vital because of their powerful impact on student learning. 

Encouraging Academic Integrity Online

When teaching online, many instructors worry that students will cheat more than they would have in a normal classroom. These tips will help discourage cheating in any classroom type.