The Learning Design & Technology team believes that intentional, authentic decisions about course design and delivery lead to engaged learning for students.

To that end, we provide forums for faculty to consider and apply these ideas, help develop individual and programmatic projects, introduce instructors to the wide array of available tools and technologies, and adapt both physical and digital learning environments to best support learning.

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We facilitate faculty development of new projects that lead to impactful student learning experiences.


We work with faculty, staff, and students to design instruction, spaces, and solutions to enhance learning and teaching.


We connect people, research, and ideas to create meaningful practice.


We stay current with emerging technologies and innovative teaching methods to help instructors build competencies and expand skillsets. 

What kind of personalized support do we offer faculty?

We work individually with faculty to try new ideas, address challenges, and create projects that improve the teaching experience and enhance student learning, including:

  • Designing courses and curricula
  • Organizing faculty communities of practice
  • Developing classroom activities
  • Promoting active learning methodologies
  • Facilitating access to specialized studios and spaces 
  • Selecting appropriate technology and software
  • Supporting assessment of student learning
  • Funding and incubation of special projects
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