Teaching Studios

New for Fall 2021, the A&S Learning Design & Technology (LDT) Teaching Studio

Wilson Hall 234

The LDT Teaching Studio is a new hands-on teaching and learning space available to all faculty at the College. This Studio is designed for faculty and graduate students so they can explore how to use technology in the classroom, alongside an LDT staff member, in an informal and low-stakes fashion.

If you’ve wanted to explore ways to use different instructional strategies using the technology in the classroom, and have not had the time in between classes, schedule a time in the Studio. We’d love to partner with you and brainstorm ways to use the classroom technologies in your classes.

Teaching Technologies in the space include:

  • Wacom tablet with annotation
  • Document Camera and screen sharing
  • Camera Tracking for recording lectures or guest speakers
  • Lecture Capture

Support for the studio provided by ITS Classroom Support