Learning Design Collaborative

The Learning Design Collaborative (LDC) is a model of instructional design anchored in a Faculty Learning Community. Our mission is to make instructional design more accessible through the principles of Articulating Intentionality, Designing Authentic Courses, and Cultivating Engagement. Our process needed to mirror the model of the three principles that serve as the pillars of our instructional design process. As designers, are compelled to take the principles of the LDC and ask faculty to experience them in a community of practice. The focus of our initiative is to extract the essential principles, concepts, and facts that enable faculty to design a course that is contextualized and meaningful. Within each component of the LDC, critical questions are specifically designed to guide faculty to focus on designing content for each component. Each critical question provides a theme for each collaborative component, each with a focus on intentionality, authenticity, and engagement.