• Learning Design Collaborative

    Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 course

    A&S Learning Design & Technology

    We invite College faculty interested in (re)designing their course for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 to join our upcoming cohort in the Learning Design Collaborative: a program consisting of three workshops focus on the topic of inclusive pedagogy and design. During the Collaborative, we will explore the questions below.

    • What does it mean to teach using an inquiry-based pedagogy with a focus on inclusive design?
      • What does this look like in your course... Read More
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  • 3D Archeological Tool

    Representing a collaboration between Learning Design & Technology, The Art History Department, IATH, the Scholars' Lab, and external vendors, the 3D Archeological Exploration Tool allows students and researchers to explore the Flowerdew Hundred archeological dig via a three dimensional representation of the Harris Matrix. The goal of this project is to give students and researchers the means to visualize and understand how artifacts are located within dirt strata. Typically this is done... Read More

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  • Laser Cut Concrete Poem

    On display are concrete poetry objects made in the interdiscplinary Pavilion Seminar class "Puzzles, Games, and Poetics", taught in Spring '19 by Mayo NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor Brad Pasanek from the Department of English with help from Makerspace Specialist Jason Bennett from Learning Design & Technology. The class drew students from a wide range of departments, including Astrophysics, Computer Science, World Languages, English, Political Science, and others. It grew as a branch from the trunk of the UVA Puzzle Poetry group, an interdisciplinary collaboration of "makers,... Read More

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  • Winning ePortfolio Artwork

    University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 2019 - Solimar Kwa, currently a third year at the University of Virginia, was named the winner of the Digication Student Scholars Showcase Competition on Tuesday, April 23.  The competition’s judges awarded Solimar the highest score for her entry on the Digication ePortfolio platform.  The competition, which began on April 12, marked the conclusion of the inaugural semester of Digication’s Student Scholars program.  UVA was selected as one of four universities to participate in this program.

    Showcase winner from UVA, Solimar... Read More

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  • Data Journalists Teaching a Class
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  • Undergraduate Learning Assistants Banner

    Undergraduate Learning Assistants (ULAs) are undergraduate students who, drawing on their recent experience in problem-based instruction in that course, facilitate classroom learning by fostering productive group discussions in class. Learning Design & Technology, in partnership with faculty, currently has learning assistants in Chemistry and Mathematics. These students have experienced the re-design of their math or chemistry class to a problem-based curriculum taught in an active learning classroom.

    Each week learning assistants meet with the instructor to prepare for class,... Read More

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  • New Digication

    New Digication is off to an excellent start.  The look-and-feel of its ePortfolio editing environment has been given a complete overhaul and now boast an intuitive drag-and-drop layout interface for easily organizing and formatting text, images, documents, and media, a robust library of managing user assets, and many new types of modules that make the page construction process more purposive, creative, and generally enjoyable.  While we have not yet surveyed our students directly, anecdotally we are hearing they welcome the transition and find the new platform easy to learn and use.

    ... Read More
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  • Russian Scrabble at the Last Language Standing Event

    On 4/10/18, the Language Commons hosted UVA’s first Last Language Standing Challenge, a competition in which teams battled to keep their team’s language in use for an entire day. It was an experiment in ‘competitive language practice’ that sought to encourage language use outside of the classroom through a bit of friendly rivalry.

    When the challenge ended at 4pm, more than 350 students, faculty, and staff had participated in the challenge by chatting and playing games in their world languages (Team Hebrew even did some karaoke). Six language teams managed to win by keeping... Read More

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  • Stats Live Symposium

    The UVa Statistics Live! Symposium was held in Spring 2018, which was a culmination of virtual symposiums from the past 2 years. The intention behind these symposiums demonstrate the relevancy of statistics in today’s workforce. 

    Data journalists from 538, Ella Koeze and Walt Hickey, were invited to present topics around data visualization and data and storytelling. Students also had the opportunity to attend a lunch conversation to discuss employment in various fields integrating statistics. Ella and Walt also attended classes and students investigated their research and had... Read More

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  • Language Commons

    View our new promotional video for the Language Commons! The video was made by Julia Harris. Julia is a multilingual, multitalented member of the Language Commons staff. She is a 3rd year Media Studies student.

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