ePortfolios in Undergraduate Education

An ePortfolio is a collection of digitized student work (documents, images, artwork, maps, lab reports, video files, audio files, etc.) organized and re-purposed to demonstrate a student's accomplishments, talents, experiences, and reflections.  Collected over time, and (re)composed for particular audiences such as instructors, prospective employers, or others, the ePortfolio can serve as a rich evidence-based documentation of authentic student accomplishments.  Its construction and reflection processes help students take ownership of their education and gain insight on themselves as learners. In combination with a portfolio-based pedagogy, the use of ePortfolios is a powerful means of enhancing teaching, learning and assessment.

The driving goals behind the College's adoption of ePortfolios are:  

  • to support learning that is intentional, authentic, and engaged
  • to provide a foundation for students' development of digital literacy, and
  • to enable students to showcase their learning and achievements for a variety of audiences and purposes.

The College views ePortfolios as, first, a tool for students – designed, managed, and promoted by them in a way that is relevant to the context of their individual journeys through our institution. That said, the program involves, in parallel, open conversations about how faculty might consider using ePortfolios as an instructional tool in courses and advising.  To that end, a number of support mechanisms are provided:

  • online resources
  • peer consultants
  • multiple platforms (Digication, WordPress)
  • introduction of ePortfolio as part of the language requirement, and
  • introduction of ePortfolios as part of the First Year Writing experience