3D Archeological Exploration Tool

Visualizing the Harris Matrix
Art History
3D Archeological Tool

Representing a collaboration between Learning Design & Technology, The Art History Department, IATH, the Scholars' Lab, and external vendors, the 3D Archeological Exploration Tool allows students and researchers to explore the Flowerdew Hundred archeological dig via a three dimensional representation of the Harris Matrix. The goal of this project is to give students and researchers the means to visualize and understand how artifacts are located within dirt strata. Typically this is done via multiple two dimensional drawings, but the 3D tool allows them to see the data in context within all dirt strata levels. 

The tool is actively used in Art History courses, were students practice authentic archeological scholarship. It was built in Unity3D and Drupal. 

The following people helped imagine and realize this tool:  

  • Natasha Dakouri-Hild from Art History
  • Worthy Martin and Robbie Bingler* from IATH
  • Gail Hunger and Jason Bennett from LD&T
  • Will Rourke and Dave Wilson from Scholar’s Lab
  • Anson Parker from CMHSL
  • Lana Boyle from A&S Communications
  • Bitsource in Kentucky (bitsourceky.com)