New Digication

New Digication is off to an excellent start.  The look-and-feel of its ePortfolio editing environment has been given a complete overhaul and now boast an intuitive drag-and-drop layout interface for easily organizing and formatting text, images, documents, and media, a robust library of managing user assets, and many new types of modules that make the page construction process more purposive, creative, and generally enjoyable.  While we have not yet surveyed our students directly, anecdotally we are hearing they welcome the transition and find the new platform easy to learn and use.

On the support side, in addition to our local ePortfolio Peer Consultants (ePPC) -- who have rapidly picked up the ins-and-outs of the new platform -- we now also have access to Digication's Help Deskto answer questions and solve technical problems online.  A&S Learning Design & Technology has also produced two "Quick Start Guides" (one for users and one for instructors) to explain the connection between Collab and Digication.  The guides can be found among tutorials, schedule of consultation hours, and other resources in the ePPC website.

We believe the new Digication platform will spark our students' creativity and encourage them to deepen their visual and digital literacies as they design and produce ePortfolios both in and out of their classrooms.  We have high hopes that our end-of-semester FolioFest celebrations this year will set a new standard for ePortfolios at the UVa. 


Date Started: 
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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