Media Studio

The Media Studio is a combination of both a production studio (Wilson 235) and editing lab and equipment checkout (Wilson 207).

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    Media Studio
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    OS X
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    The production side of the Media Studio (Wilson 235) consists of a video production studio with features such as:

    • two Canon XA10 video cameras
    • two teleprompters (one laptop & one iPad)
    • green screen
    • studio lights
    • various professional backdrops

    The post-production side of the Media Studio (207) is equipped with an ultra-high-speed connection to an ITS server for collaborative work as well as secure storage space for your work. Additionally, students, faculty, and staff can rent media equipment such as cameras, tripods, lights, microphones, and more from this space.

    For more information about the Media Studio or to schedule a tour, please contact Jessica Weaver-Kenney at or 434-924-3380.

    Software / Equipment: 
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Final Cut Pro X
    • iMovie
    • Camtasia 2
    • Microsoft Office
    • Audacity