LTi Grants


Learning Technology Incubator Grant Program

UVa College & Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The Learning Technology Incubator (LTi) program is an initiative of the A&S Learning Design & Technology team. Since the inception of the program, we have funded 42 projects for more than $400,000. You can learn more about the program and funded projects by visiting the A&S Learning Design & Technology web site. Our goal is to promote innovative projects and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration that seeks to solve common instructional challenges. We invite proposals that focus on engagement and enhancement of student learning, including (but is not limited to) ideas around:

  • Course (re)-design using student-centered pedagogy
  • Adaptation of courses for active learning spaces
  • Novel application of existing learning technologies
  • Development of new technologies for teaching and learning
  • Use of College maker spaces
  • Use of ePortfolios
  • Resource and archive building         
  • Online course design

See the application template and apply for an LTi grant.


Download this proposal as a PDF.

The Spring 2018 Call for Proposals deadline is 5:00 pm on April 13, 2018.

Please note that final submissions require a brief letter of support from your Department Chairs or Program Director.

Those interested in developing a proposal are encouraged to contact the Director of A&S Learning Design & Technology, Judy Giering ( or a member of the A&S Learning Design & Technology team, who can provide assistance and feedback on project ideas and proposal development.

For best results, please read the information in the sections below prior to filling out your applicaiton:


Funding will support faculty (and staff) and may be awarded at the following levels:

  • $2,000 for one–two faculty to develop a short-term project impacting a small group of students
  • $10,000 for a small group of faculty working across two or more courses to develop a year-long project impacting students
  • $25,000+ for a group of faculty working across multiple courses or disciplines to develop a multi-year project impacting a significant number of students

Funding may be awarded to cover faculty summer wages, student wages, necessary tools and technology, and other miscellaneous items. Please note that this grant does not cover travel or conference attendance.


Successful proposals will demonstrate a connection between the proposed project and teaching strategies, pedagogies, or learning technologies that have been shown to enhance effectiveness of undergraduate education. Proposals that show potential to improve teaching and learning broadly across the curriculum or have potential to scale up in future years are especially encouraged. Proposals should be submitted by April 13, 2018.


Grant recipients will be notified by May 8, 2018.  Funding will be available after July 1, 2018 and must be spent before June 30, 2019. All projects will be assigned an A&S Learning Design & Technology consultant at point of notification. Projects that are funded will require the following:

  • Consultation with A&S Learning Design & Technology to support them from project design through implementation.
  • Participation in an LTi Learning Community, which will meet once per semester
  • Presentation of the project at one or more College or University events
  • Completion of an assessment process for the project


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