The Language Lab

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Language Lab
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  1. 4 Dell Laptops for instructor use
  2. Every computer station is equipped with a SANS SHS-100 USB microphone-headphone set, a mouse, and a keyboard.
  3. Each station has a standard PC-QWERTY keyboard with a number pad.
  4. Webcams are installed on all 24 student computers in the Language Lab.
  5. There are 24 computer stations in the room.
  6. 4 of the stations (19, 22, 23, and 24) are ADA-compliant sit-stand desks that can move up and down with the push of a button.
  7. The teacher station is connected to two monitors on a sit-stand desk.
  8. Large 80” Sharp TV for classroom monitoring.
  9. Crestron interface for controlling desktop, laptops, DVD and sound
  10. Funai Combined DVD-VCR Player
  11. Video Conference PC
  12. Six ceiling speakers
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