What would you like to think about for future?

Martinet: I’d like to take what has worked well from this experience to other courses. I’d like to integrate more of the authentic experiences they will find when they are out of school in a position or career. I also want them to understand what the statistical process is, how it’s useful, how to apply it, or how to work with statisticians in their post-undergraduate lives.
Curran: I’d like to flip some lectures, so that our time together is purely problem based. I would also like to create more meaningful questions for assessments in Online Practice problems and Tests and Quizzes in WebAssign – designing higher order thinking questions.
Tackett: Making the class even more world applicable. That is why I’m looking forward to being in the Authentic Learning Initiative. Many of the students in this class are not going to be Statistics majors. My goal is to make them proficient with statistics, no matter what their major. So I would like to bring a case-study approach: looking at what is being presented in the news and discussing the statistics and how they are presenting it. I’d like to revise the curriculum for case study.
Ferrara: Other ways to incorporate more participation in a large class. I want students to gain confidence to ask questions and share their thinking. I don’t care if they give me a wrong answer. I care that they tried. I want them to understand and trust that. Learning why it’s ‘wrong’ is just as important as knowing why it’s ‘right’.