What changes have you made to your course, teaching, or use of technology?

Martinet: In the lab, from discussing with students it seems that students are really starting to understand the issues of collecting data, and collecting it well. Students meet with me about their projects and they explain their thinking and ask questions. I now see that they understand the process of creating their own statistics study in a more in-depth way. Due to the online questioning tool, I also notice that more people come to the lecture at this point in the semester than they did previously, due to expected participation.
Curran: Students are more engaged and satisfied. And most importantly, they demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the course material than previously. I can see it in the reports that they write, where they explain their thinking. I also see students more engaged, talking to each other about statistics, asking questions, and showing that they are thinking. I also now do a mid-term evaluation, which I developed with your group, and the results say that they state they are learning more by engaging with each other, doing problems together, and discussing how they did the problem. They also say they enjoy learning in class because of the interaction.
Tackett: Students are engaging more in class, much more than when I lectured. I think it’s because they get to know me as I work with them in small groups. I have had students approach me during office hours telling me that they really liked the class. One student said she’s been math averse, but she enjoyed the energy of the class, and now she might be a Statistics major! Many tell me that statistics was enjoyable and not as bad as they thought it would be. I love to hear that.